Adult sex sites that you can create avatars

This is a strategy, by the way, that Second Life launched with, forbidding any marketing about sexual content during its first few years.Trouble was, because user could instantiate any genitalia onto their avatar, and then share the photos and videos on social media, and a lot of that went instantly viral, it really didn't matter how the company tried to define the character of its content.Which would definitely put a lot of friction into the creation/publication pipeline.

Dema Tio, the founder of wearable smart vibrator Vibease, quickly realized that crowdfunding would be a challenge after Kickstarter rejected his campaign because the platform doesn’t accept projects with “pornographic materials.”“In the beginning, a lot of people told me not to go to the tech industry [with this product], but to go to the porn industry instead,” says Tio, who created the product for his wife during their long-distance hiatus from one another. “Nobody will allow me to open an account for a venture that has ‘porn’ in the name …It was her experience dating younger men–and her realization that they were overly influenced by pornography–that led her to launch Make Love Not Porn (MLNP), a user-generated digital marketplace trying to “normalize” real sex.Gallop’s reasoning is that our anti-sex culture prevents us from talking about sex and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to differentiate between “real sex” and, fake sex, or porn sex.Adult content won't be allowed at the opening of Sansar's creator beta this summer.Ultimately, we want Sansar to be an open platform that enables creators to make all kinds of experiences, but early on we also want to be careful that a single genre of content doesn't come to define the platform and potentially limit its appeal to other creators.

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