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Accessibility is much more, and it requires looking at how programs, services, and activities are delivered.Are there policies or procedures that prevent someone with a disability from participating (such as a rule that says “no animals allowed,” which excludes blind people who use guide dogs)?Our employees are trained to assist our differently-abled passengers and for any sorts of limitations, we offer a wide variety of special assistance.You can obtain information in advance regarding the assistance we offer, either through this website or by contacting our Reservations on 919871803333/ 919654003333.

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Before you begin your accessibility audit, you need to understand the answers to several basic questions. Having an overview of the laws, regulations, and other legal requirements helps to put everything in context.

Our cabin crew can provide you with assistance moving to and from the lavatory door but will not be able to assist you inside the lavatory.

Spice Jet offers special services for the following: Passengers are allowed to use their own crutches, braces and/ or other prosthetic devices up to the aircraft, and may board such items as cabin baggage, provided the passengers are dependent on them.

NOTICE Portions of this chapter may not fully reflect the current ADA regulations. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) saying these words, “Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down.” One of the most important civil rights law to be enacted since the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the ADA prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities.

The regulation implementing title II of the ADA was revised as recently as 2016. What does the ADA mean for state and local governments in the delivery of their programs, services, and activities, as well as their employment practices?

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