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The people she works with love her, and so do her friends. Her father passed away three years ago and it darn near did her in, but she wouldn’t accept any help with her grieving.DEAR SAD MOM: If you and your daughter both have bipolar disorder, I hope you will use your own insight into the condition to guide your actions and reactions.A man can rarely get over the idea of another man "with" his woman. One marriage counselor I know strongly encourages disgruntled married or committed women set on having an extra-marital affair to avoid penetration of every kind with a potential lover so that if found, out, there is a better chance of not destroying the marriage.Women tend to be more primally territorial of a man's attention and resources.

What results is a delicious fluffy, almost sourdough-like, crust.

Oh, and they do it all in a building that's allegedly haunted.

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We’ve already explained how dating in Portland is different than everywhere else, but no matter how different things are, you still have to go on actual dates from time to time. Sure you could go to Multnomah Falls (and probably should), but make this date special and avoid tourists by hiking to one of the gazillion other falls in the gorge.

To make it easy, we came up with 19 super-sweet PDX date ideas just for you... If that goes well you can hit Multnomah on the way home.

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