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You think you can halt a million times ahead of me and honk at me while I cross you as you take a good fucking look at my butt?And that would embarrass me enough to cry at my fate of being a woman in this country, this generation, this world?"So confident that if I asked for help I'll never be able to prove your fault? These streets are as much mine as they are of undeserving assholes like you.And that people wouldn’t take my side or take me seriously? You or a hundred like you will not scare me into staying home and not being free," she writes I was followed by the guy who this scooter belongs to today in broad daylight. 3pm in the noon in the center of the city, from Aloysius degree college to Balmatta, to a guy dares to follow a woman who’s walking while there is a swarm of cops thirty steps behind.But the times are changing, and women are raising their voices loud and clear on sexual harassment. Rashmi Shetty, 22, was followed by a man in broad daylight amidst the hustle bustle of busy Mangalore streets. Rashmi, who is pursuing MA in Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions in Bihar, says this is not the first time she has undergone such experience but this time she chose to not get scared and retaliate back with her viral Facebook post which has garnered more than 1.7k reactions in just two days.Rashmi voiced against this incident and wrote in a viral Facebook post, “KA 19 EU 0932, You thought I’d be scared, didn’t you? She says, You think you can halt a million times ahead of me and honk at me while I cross you as you take a good fucking look at my butt?Every woman, at least once in their life, has been catcalled, harassed or groped by their male counterparts and are led to believe that it’s their fault.They are taught to live in guilt, be discreet about their harassment, and accept it as their fate.

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They demanded arrest and strict action against the activists.

India being the diabetic capital of the world has high incidences of PCOS & Metabolic Syndrome.

The exact cause of PCOS is complex and unclear; the underlying hormonal imbalance created by a combination of increased androgens and/or serum insulin levels seems to be a central focus.

There were four girls and around four or five boys. Corporator Mohan Padil was also detained and later released. They said that they had been complaining about the party even before but no action was taken, after which they approached the activists The police later took the boys and girls also into custody for questioning.

One of the activists was seen slapping and bashing the head of a girl and pulling her roughly even as she tried to escape. This is the second such incident reported in the city in the last three years.

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