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Reporter Andrea Day find sexperts warn it could lead to sensitive and specific information being readily available, and not just to friends.Travel Insurance When you're budgeting for your trip, should you add on travel insurance? Insurance advisor Spencer Houldin has some tips before you go. Demand from millennials has lifted the budget-friendly wine to a trendy choice that's often sold out.you let your employer implant a tiny microchip in you?

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It is a remarkable turnaround in the fortunes of the amiable aristocrat, who was the youngest hereditary peer to take a seat in the House of Lords but who became the victim of a drugs sting by an undercover reporter.We’ve chosen the 50 best podcasts of 2016 based on their innovation this year, consistent high quality, excellence within their genre, and of course, entertainment value.explores the tricky business of redemption and estrangement by starting with the premise that to make something right, you have to first get over the idea that someone is at fault.Employees can then access the building and their computer by waving their hand over a sensor. And what happens to the chip if you leave the company?Snap Map If your children use Snap, lots of people could know about it. The social media site just released Snap Map, a feature that shares users geolocation and can even zoom in to an exact intersection.

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